Star-Studded Holiday Homes In California

Star-Studded Holiday Homes In California

Do you dream of living the life of a movie or music star, if only for a little while? They live a life that seems to be above anything that the common person can ever hope to attain, but in today’s world, this simply isn’t true anymore.

Did you know that you can stay in the homes of the rich and famous while in California? If you’re prepared to do some serious splurging, it is possible. Below, we’ll list some of the most tempting estates that you can call home, if only for a night or two…

1. Casa Elizabeth (Palm Springs)

Those wanting to stay in the home of a former Hollywood icon, but has a budget that is limited will love Casa Elizabeth. The former retreat of Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor, this abode in Palm Springs only costs £372 per person per week.

While that price tag may seem hefty up front, divided across seven nights, it works out to only £106 per night for a couple. With a stunning outdoor pool, immaculate gardens, and the living room furnished with modern furnishings and tasteful art pieces, it is one of the holiday homes in California that you cannot afford to pass up.

2. Ohana Pacific Yacht (San Diego)

If you are a fan of music and love the ocean, spending a night on the Ohana Pacific Yacht in San Diego is a must. Earlier in its life, this 46-foot yacht was rented by the musical group One Direction, who spent several days having fun on the water in the recent past.

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Equipped with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a fully stocked kitchen, you too can live the rock star lifestyle off the coast of SoCal for only £144 per person per week.

3. Hollywood Celebrity Estate (Los Angeles)

Want to spend a couple of nights up in the Hollywood Hills, looking down upon the twinkling lights after dark just like generations of this city’s elite have done for decades?

If you rent a space in the Hollywood Celebrity Estate, you can do just that. This mansion was the former home of notable Hollywood A-listers such as David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand and its original owner, Orson Welles, so you’ll be reclining where some of this town’s heaviest hitters have relaxed in the past. It’s amazing how you can spend time in such a bespoke environment. Did you know that research carried out by Schofields has shown you can stay in the homes of the rich and famous while in California?

In addition to its peaceful garden with the million dollar view of Los Angeles below, this estate also has a pool area where you will spend a decent chunk of your time.

4. The Merv Griffin Estate (La Quinta)

Game and talk show king Merv Griffin was one of the biggest players in television throughout the 20th century.

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As such, it should come as no surprise that the mansion where he spent the majority of his time is quite opulent.

In the present day, his estate is one of the most hotly sought-after luxury vacation rentals in California, as it features an equestrian stable, an impressive infinity pool, and a private lake where paddle boating is possible.

Its location in scenic La Quinta doesn’t make it any cheaper, as those hoping to spend a week here will have to shell out a whopping £1,375 per week per person for the pleasure of doing so.