A Private Son Bou Villa Holiday

A Private Son Bou Villa Holiday

A holiday in a Son Bou villa offers a different and private experience of the Balearic Islands. Unlike accommodation offered in commercial hotels, you have total privacy and seclusion while still being able to enjoy all that the island has to offer. Experience the Mediterranean islands without even leaving your villa, and enjoy the scenery away from the crowds.

Private, Peaceful and Relaxing

While the bustle and personal service provided by commercial hotels may appeal to some, there is no denying that a bit of privacy on a Mediterranean island is a tempting thought. A villa in Son Bou – what could be more relaxing? Son Bou, a small island set in the Balearics, is the perfect place to do nothing at all.

The largest beach in Menorca can be found in Son Bou, with sparkling waters and golden sands. While a trip down to the beach would certainly be enjoyable, a view of the beach from your private  Son Bou Villas pool could be even better. You can avoid the crowds, throw self-consciousness to the wind, and still have your island beach and Son Bou holiday experience from your pool with a view.

A Villa with a View

At the top of your list when picking your Son Bou villa home should be a view of the ocean. Provided you have a magnificent view, you’re already on holiday in an island paradise without even leaving your home. Whether you’re lying in bed gazing out to sea, lounging in the pool while watching the ocean, or simply sitting on your terrace enjoying the sunset, there’s no denying that you’re in holiday heaven without setting foot out of your door.

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Set behind the beach is a wetland area, where open waters bordered by reeds offer a contrasting view to the sandy beach. If you pick the right villa, you could experience views of the beach and the wetland without getting off your pool lounger.

An Evening In

Staying in a villa in Son Bou allows for complete freedom when it comes to culinary decisions. If commercial restaurants tickle your fancy, you’re not losing out as a host of restaurants to choose from await you. But if you prefer to dine in your bathing suit, a barbecue on your terrace might just do the trick. Local fresh seafood and a glass of wine as the sun sets beats being waited on in a commercial restaurant any day.

Venturing Out

On days when you feel like venturing out of your villa, Son Bou is waiting to be explored. With a giant maze to get lost in, the ancient graveyard of Basilica de Son Bou to discover, and the resort shops to browse through, you won’t be lacking in activities. Or if it’s an action-packed day you’re after, the ocean awaits you with whichever water sport you choose.

But after a day outdoors, the tranquillity and privacy of your villa will be a welcome relief. There’s nothing better than enjoying all the scenery the region has to offer in the total seclusion your Son Bou villa provides.

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A Family Home Away from Home

A Son Bou villa holiday would be ideal for a family trip away. You have your own personal villa to turn into your holiday home, where you have nothing but your view, your family and yourself to worry about.