What Does Your Perfect Romantic Holiday Look Like?
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What Does Your Perfect Romantic Holiday Look Like?

When asked for an answer from people on the street, there are probably as many different opinions as there are people, but if you ask from a lot enough people, you can start seeing at least some sort of pattern. And in hopes to find that, Blue Chip Holidays in UK asked people exactly that – “What do you look for in a romantic UK break away?”

The answers varied a lot, but as it turned out, secluded location was the most important to the ones answering the question, people who are currently in a relationship. This answer was shortly followed by a log burning fire. Other popular answers included a private hot tub, a place to stargaze, a four posted bed, a great view, and lastly, something that would be suitable for dogs.

So if you are currently in a relationship, what would you be looking for when thinking about your next romantic getaway? Where would you start your planning process at all? Assuming you would do it in UK, would you choose a popular city where you could enjoy nightlife as well or would you prefer a secluded cottage in the countryside? If you were given a choice between a pool table and a log burning fire, what would you choice be? Like I said, a romantic getaway might mean different things to different people.

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When talking about the study, Tori Kirwan-Taylor, Brand & Communications Manager of Blue Chip Holidays said that:

“We wanted to get to know what people look for from a romantic break away and itís interesting to see many people want to get away from it all and stay somewhere secluded, away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Holiday cottages and lodges are perfect for this as when youíre staying in a hotel, you are constantly surrounded by other people and it can feel like you are not getting any alone time. However staying somewhere out of the way means youíre far less likely to be disturbed.”