Top Places for Family Holidays in Turkey

3 Top Places for Family Holidays in Turkey

When looking for the ideal place for family holidays, Turkey is the obvious choice. With a great tourism infrastructure in place, even the tiniest of villages in Turkey will be able to accommodate you and your family with a warm and genuine welcome. Being practical however is a consideration for any holiday involving the entire family, and there are certain things that make one place more suitable than another. Entertainment, accommodation, cuisine and accessibility are all aspects that affect a location’s suitability for family holidays. Turkey ticks every box when examining its family-friendliness so here are a few locations which top the bill.


Marmaris, on the south west coast is popular for family holidays in Turkey not only because of its lively atmosphere and stunning location, but also because it is the busiest yacht-charter and sailing resort in the country. So if you and your family are sailing buffs, or want to be, this is the resort for you. But there’s more to Marmaris than fun on the beach. Why not treat the kids to some culture with a day trip to the fascinating city of Ephesus. This incredible archaeological site has been acknowledged as one of the most important in the world and, for the children, the opportunity to explore Ephesus is not only educational but exciting as well. Another day trip from Marmaris is to the unique hot mineral waterfalls of Pamukkale. From snow-white calcified rock pools, warm water cascades from high on the cliffs of the ancient city of Hieropolis. It is a spectacular sight and also very popular for its reputed health-giving properties. But the kids will just love the chance to frolic in the water in these strangely beautiful surrounds.

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For family holidays, Turkey’s next favourite choice must be Bodrum. With fabulous beaches and a million things to do both in the water and out, Bodrum also has an air of adventure about it and there are plenty of ways to explore it further. The town itself is a wonderfully mysterious discovery; its tiny cobbled streets and secret lanes will enchant the children. But dig a little deeper and the surprises get even better. Bodrum has its own castle which is a dream come true for children, but as an added bonus, within the Bodrum Castle of the Knights of St John, is housed the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. No ordinary staid museum experience, a visit to this one will leave the kids begging to learn more. Shipwrecks, Knights and the Seventh Wonder of the World all weave together to spell out the history of Bodrum.

Olu Deniz

Not all that long ago, the small but perfectly formed town of Olu Deniz was little more than a sleepy village nestled into a picture-perfect lagoon. Now though, the resort’s relaxed unspoilt appeal is what makes it so popular for family holidays. Turkey is generally very child-friendly, but here in Olu Deniz it is absolute family heaven. The wide, sloping beach leads down to the protected lagoon where the water is virtually wave-free and completely safe. There are also some wonderful gentle hikes ideal for families, which will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery in Turkey. A special favourite with children is an excursion to Butterfly Valley, where you arrive by boat to a hidden beach and wander through meadows filled with butterflies.

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